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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Australians and Iranians - minus the neo-cons

Australian envoy visits Imam shrine
Thu, 29 Nov 2007 09:14:35
Australian envoy pays tribute to late Imam Khomeini
Australian envoy to Tehran has paid tribute to founder of the Islamic Revolution late Imam Khomeini, calling him a global figure.

Greg Moriarty paid homage to Imam Khomeini by laying a wreath at his mausoleum in south Tehran on Wednesday night.

Moriarty noted that the Imam's thoughts and ideas were influential worldwide.

Imam Khomeini is revered in Australia, the envoy said, noting that no place exists in the world where people have not heard of such a great political figure and his unique ideas.


'Australian vote shows Bush backlash'
Fri, 30 Nov 2007 22:08:53
Japan's opposition chief Ichiro Ozawa
Japan's opposition leader hails Australia's election as a backlash against the US President, urging his country to revise its US policies.

"The election outcome was due to the Australians sentiment against the (Australian Premier John) Howard administration in blindly following George W.) Bush on every issue," said Japan's opposition chief Ichiro Ozawa.

He also expressed his regret over the Japanese reluctance in compelling their leaders to change the country's pro-Us policies.

Australian Labor Party leader, Kevin Rudd, won elections last Saturday.

He said he would move quickly to keep his election promise of bringing Australia's 550 front-line troops home from Iraq.


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