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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

moving announcement

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Absolute Defeat'

"Let it be known that your hostile policies have created a new world of enemies who will fight against you, and the earth is narrowing around you and you will always live the life of all bitterness and sorrow, because the policy of force and tyranny cannot and will not be accepted by anyone." – Mullah Mohammed Omar

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Conversation with Ingrid Mattson

Ingrid Mattson, the first female president of the Islamic Society of North America

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the italian man who went to malta

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Anak Anak Kita - Lirik

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tok Guru Nik Aziz Sporting Spirit

Nik Aziz saksikan Kelantan lawan Perlis.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Falsafah secara mudah

After being harassed, former Mufti of Perlis, Asri spoke of Dictatorship, freedom, radiculosness of Tauliah, right to differ and individual liberty & enmity between individuals.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Insan dan Manikam.

M. Nasir
Insan dan Manikam
Pencipta: M. Nasir (lagu), Loloq (lirik)
Album: Saudagar Mimpi


Ya insan yang hadir
Dengarkan semua
Ku isytiharkan dengan hati terbuka
Ya insan yang daif
Insaflah semua
Manikam yang di sangkakan
Bukan yang asli
Hanya seiras dan serupa
Ya insan yang hagas
Awasilah semua
Maya yang indah
Ada kudisnya
Jangan terpedaya

Angin yang membawa berita
Pancaindera yang memang lemah
Mudah terkeliru

Pak tua menangis sendiri
Mengenangkan nasib diri
Walaupun puas mencari
Namun belum ketemui
Cik Buyung riang selalu
Damai dan senang hati
Walaupun tak berusaha
Dia ketemui

Dia ketemui
Apa dicari
Dia ketemui
Yang abadi
Dia ketemui

Alam yang membawa cerita
Pancaindera yang memang lemah
Mudah terkeliru

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Artist: M. Nasir Album: Saudagar Mimpi

Senja memanggil pulang sang pegembara
Menangis ia
Melihat keperitan zaman pencarian
aku sendiri

perjuangan dulu hanyalah ujian
hanyalah bayangan
Untuk menghadapi perang yang utama
hanyalah diriku sendiri
dan hidayah selama ini
hanya engkau yang ku dambakan
dan semoga sejahteralah
engkau pada ku

Oh! hidayah
dan tanpa mu apalah aku
apalah aku tanpa hidayah

senja memanggil pulang sang penggembara
menangis ia
melihat keperitan zaman pencarian
aku Yatim

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Palestinian Representative's Speech at the UN

The Palestinian Representative's Speech at the UN

'Before beginning my talk I want to tell you something about Moses. When he struck the rock and it brought forth water, he thought, 'What a good opportunity to have a bath!'

He removed his clothes, put them aside on the rock and entered the water. When he got out and wanted to dress, his clothes had vanished. An Israeli had stolen them.'

The Israeli representative jumped up furiously and shouted, 'What are you talking about? The Israelis weren't there then.

The Palestinian representative smiled and said: 'And now that we have made that clear, I will begin my speech.'

Friday, June 19, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Moon Split : Spliting of moon one of the miracle done by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and which is proven by science.


Total Verses: 55
Revealed At: MAKKA

YUSUFALI: The Hour (of Judgment) is nigh, and the moon is cleft asunder.
PICKTHAL: The hour drew nigh and the moon was rent in twain.
SHAKIR: The hour drew nigh and the moon did rend asunder.

YUSUFALI: But if they see a Sign, they turn away, and say, "This is (but) transient magic."
PICKTHAL: And if they behold a portent they turn away and say: Prolonged illusion.
SHAKIR: And if they see a miracle they turn aside and say: Transient magic.

[the rest of the surah/chapter]

Monday, May 11, 2009

Famous last words — The Malaysian Insider

MAY 9 — What a week it was. A fracas in the Perak state assembly for the first time in history. A show of force by police personnel inside the legislature for the first time in history. And complete disbelief across Malaysia of how badly the Perak crisis has been handled. The Malaysian Insider sieves through the rhetoric and picks out a few gems.

• “Changing party is a normal thing in a parliamentary democracy. Winston Churchill changed parties twice. In the United States, a Republican Senator recently crossed over to become a Democrat Senator. It is not unconstitutional to do so and it is also not illegal.” — Datuk Seri Najib Razak

Err, sorry Mr Prime Minister, you are comparing apples and oranges here. It is an insult to speak of Winston Churchill and Arlen Specter in the same breath as Hee Yit Foong, Osman Jailu and Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi.

Churchill was arguably the greatest war-time prime minister. In 1904 he joined the Liberal party because he disagreed with the revived protectionism among some elements of the Tory party. Twenty years later he severed ties with liberalism and joined the Conservative party. But even while in the Tory movement, he was dead set against its policies on defence and imperialism.

Arlen Specter was a Democrat when he was young but decided to join the Republican party and became one of America’s best known and most influential senators on its ticket. Several weeks ago, he joined the Democrats, saying that his philosophy had moved closer to that of Obama’s party.

Both men had something in common — they were/are viewed as standout politicians who only crossed the aisle for political ideology. Their actions did not cause the fall of their governments. Nor did they disappear from the scene only to surface a few days later with implausible stories.

Now let us touch on Messrs Osman, Jamaluddin and Hee. Osman and Jamaluddin have no political track record to speak off. Oh but they do have something in common — a corruption charge hanging over their heads. The subterfuge surrounding their defection and their feeble performance since only suggests that their decision to cross over was not anchored on political ideology.

In Hee’s case, she is on record as saying that she was dissatisfied at her second-class status in the DAP. Not once did the trio ever give the impression that they were defecting to preserve their political beliefs or dignity.

So Mr Prime Minister, bad comparison. Also, many Malaysians view the Perak power grab as illegal and unconstitutional not because of the actions of three unknowns but because of the cavalier manner in which the Federal Constitution has been treated by some of our institutions.

• “In the running of a democracy we cannot allow the tyranny of the minority to decide for the majority.” — Datuk Abdul Zambry Kadir

So true. That is why the task of electing a state government must always be in the hands of the rakyat, the majority. And when there is a deadlock in the House or a question arises whether a government has the authority and legitimacy to rule, it must be the electorate that unties that knot. What more when Malaysia professes to be a constitutional democracy.

• "I don't want to get involved in this. I just want to give my speech, so respect my speech, when I am giving it. You understand that? If you want to work with me in future, you have to respect my speech. Understand?” — Raja Nazrin Shah

Too late. It was way too late for the Regent of Perak to say that he did not want any part in the fracas in the state assembly. What happened on May 7 did not materialise out of nowhere. It did not happen in a vacuum.

The tug-of-war for power in Perak was a natural consequence of a refusal by the Sultan of Perak to dissolve the assembly and allow Perakians to decide who should represent them.

Respect has to be earned, even if you are next in line to the throne.

Admonishing the very lawmakers who many Malaysians feel are the victims in this saga is not a good start.

• “Hati mereka ada hantu.” — Hee Yit Foong

The press corps had a field day covering Hee yesterday. She had difficulty speaking fluently in Bahasa Malaysia or English, and she looked out of her depth. But that is not her fault. Lay the blame on the people who fielded her as a candidate in Jelapang, who did not put her through a thorough screening process and who did not bother to find out whether she could communicate with her constituents. Blame the DAP.

Tevez brings Devils within inches of trophy

Cristiano Ronaldo (left) and Carlos Tevez on Sunday helped Manchester United close on the Premier League title with a 2-0 win over city rivals.

Out-of-favor but inspirational striker Carlos Tevez helps Manchester United close on the Premier League title with a 2-0 win over local rival Manchester City.

First half goals from Cristiano Ronaldo (18') and the Argentine (45') on Sunday saw the Red Devils take a giant stride toward the title and reclaim the top spot with three games in hand.

United has 83 points from 35 games. Liverpool stands second with 80 points from 36 games.

The decisive victory in the Manchester derby leaves the defending champions needing only four points to lift the trophy for the third year in a row, CNN reported. The Reds can well secure the title before Liverpool even plays another game.

Scoring his 14th Premiership goal of a season in which he has made just 17 starts, Tevez, whose future at United is in doubt, underlined his feelings with his manner of celebration.

Tevez cupped his hands to his ears as he ran down the touchline while the United faithful chanted "Fergie, Fergie sign him up."

The 25-year-old has established himself as a clear favorite with the Red Devils and their fans for his all-action style.

The Argentine won Sir Alex Ferguson's admiration for his performance in United's dramatic win over Tottenham Hotspur. Tevez came on for Nani in the second half to help the Reds swap a 0-2 first-half defeat with a 5-2 full-time victory.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Memorable Goal - FC Porto 0-1 Manchester United

April 17, 2009 - Cristiano Ronaldo hopes United's performance in the 1-0 win over Porto will bring confidence back to the team.

United marked their 150th UEFA Champions League game with a narrow win in the second leg becoming the first English side to beat the Portuguese club on home soil.

Ronaldo's rocket shot in the first half was enough to secure passage through to the semi-finals where Sir Alex Ferguson's side will meet Arsenal.

Reflecting on a testing spell for the Red Devils, the United star believes Wednesday's result will be a timely confidence boost.

"This will give us confidence," he told Sky Sports. "The last five games we didn't play great and I hope this will change that."

Describing his goal, the Portuguese forward said: "When Anderson gave me the ball I think straight away to turn and shoot in the goal and I score a fantastic goal.

"It is the best I have scored.

"It was a fantastic strike and I can't wait to see it again on DVD. I am very happy with it."

Conceding that the semi-final against Arsenal will be tough, Ronaldo admitted that the prospect of competing against another English side in Europe is an exciting one.

"It's a fantastic thing," he said of the tie. "Arsenal play fantastic football.

"It will be a tight game. We know each other and I hope to win the tie and go to the final."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

US Guantanamo guard converts to Islam

As the US government moves to shutdown its detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, stories are emerging of the way it affected those inside.

Former inmates have talked about the deprivation and pressures they faced.

But Terry Holdbrooks was on the other side. He was a US soldier and he says he saw something in the behaviour of the inmates that changed him. He tells his story to Al Jazeera in his own words.

Lecture on Political Economy - Globalisation

March 31, 2008 - A one hour lecture. 1993 until March 2006, Bill Emmott was the editor of The Economist, the world's leading weekly magazine on current affairs and business. During his tenure at The Economist, the magazine's circulation more than doubled to over 1.1 million.

Emmott is now an independent writer, speaker, and consultant based in London and Somerset, England.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Understanding The Financial Crisis--For Kids and Grownups

Having difficulty understanding the 2008 US Financial Crisis? Here's a short animated video that explains - visually!

Monday, March 23, 2009

High Flyer MU downed twice in a row.

Manchester United 1-4 Liverpool

14 March - Liverpool came from behind at Old Trafford to re-ignite the Barclays Premier League title race with a stunning victory.

Cristiano Ronaldo put Manchester United in front from the penalty spot after Pepe Reina had brought down Park Ji-Sung on 23 minutes.

Fernando Torres bustled past Nemanja Vidic to level five minutes later and Steven Gerrard put the Merseysiders in front from the spot a minute before the break after he had been fouled by Patrice Evra.

Vidic was shown a straight red for a foul on Gerrard on 73 minutes and further punishment was inflicted as Fabio Aurelio curled home the free-kick.

Andrea Dossena lobbed Edwin van der Sar in the final minute to complete a magnificent victory and cut the lead on the champions to just four points.

Fulham 2-0 Manchester United

21 March - Fulham blew the title race wide open with a sensational win over nine-man Manchester United at Craven Cottage.

Danny Murphy put Fulham in front from the penalty spot when Paul Scholes was sent off for handling a Bobby Zamora goal-bound header in the 17th minute.

Zoltan Gera condemned United to their first back-to-back top flight defeats for four years when he scored a second in the 87th minute.

United's miserable afternoon was capped seconds later when Wayne Rooney was sent off for a second bookable offence.

source :

see League table

Friday, March 13, 2009


* Maktab Melayu Kuala Kangsar, MCKK merupakan sekolah berasrama penuh pertama di negara ini, yang dibina pada tahun 1905. Ia begitu sinonim dengan murid-murid lelakinya yang mempunyai keperibadian, ketrampilan serta tahap intelektual yang tinggi. MCKK juga merupakan perintis dalam melahirkan ramai tokoh serta pemimpin tersohor seperti Dato` Onn Jaafar, Tun Abdul Razak dan ramai lagi, termasuk Menteri Pelajaran, Dato` Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.[video inside]

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Vidic made an early, powerful header against Inter Milan to give an early advantage to the Reds. Final Score: Manchester United 2-0 Inter Milan.

Cristiano Ronaldo hits a header after the half time to give Manchester United a 2-0 lead! Final Score: Manchester United 2-0 Inter Milan

First knockout round source

First legSecond leg
Atl├ętico2-2Porto (ag) video 2-2 Report »video 0-0 Report »
Lyon3-6Barcelonavideo 1-1 Report »video 2-5 Report »
Arsenal (7-6p) 1-1Romavideo 1-0 Report »video 0-1 Report »
Internazionale0-2Man. Unitedvideo 0-0 Report »video 0-2 Report »
Real Madrid0-5Liverpoolvideo 0-1 Report »video 0-4 Report »
Chelsea3-2Juventusvideo 1-0 Report »video 2-2 Report »
Villarreal3-2Panathinaikosvideo 1-1 Report »video 2-1 Report »
Sporting1-12Bayernvideo 0-5 Report »video 1-7 Report »
Match decided after extra time and penalty shoot-out
Match decided on away goals

First-leg home team shown first.
First-leg home team score shown first for both legs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Closed Zone

The new animated film created by Yoni Goodman, Director of Animation for the Academy Award-nominated film "Waltz with Bashir", together with the human rights group Gisha. "Closed Zone" shows the closure of the Gaza Strip and its effects on the ability of 1.5 million human beings living there to fulfill their daily needs, as well as their dreams and aspirations

Closed Zone - Click here for more blooper videos

Waltz with Bashir - Cannes 2008

Among the most intriguing movies selected for Cannes 2008 official competition, there's the animated documantary by Ari Folman, Waltz with Bashir. The director explores through memories and surreal images, the Israeli Army mission in the first Lebanon War of the early eighties.

Bashir animator makes film on Gaza

Sat, 07 Mar 2009 14:02:03 GMT | PressTV

A frame from Goodman's 'Closed Zone'
One of the creators of the Oscar-nominated animation Waltz with Bashir has released a short film about the recent Israeli war on Gaza.

Yoni Goodman's 90-second Closed Zone shows a Palestinian boy trying to chase a blue bird, but large hands block his way.

The film highlights Israel's tight blockade on Gaza, which has deprived dozens of Palestinians of medical and food supplies from the past 19 months.

"I'm very much against the Israeli blockade policy, and the last war was just a mistake," Goodman told The Jerusalem Post.

"People talk about Hamas, but there are many civilians there who are not Hamas supporters but who are suffering from this blockade," he said.

The blockade is a major issue in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and the UN and international aid groups say crossing points into Gaza must be opened to allow in much-needed living supplies.

The film has been launched online and Goodman hopes it can help people “see that there are people in Israel who are against war, who want peace," AP quoted him as saying.

Goodman says he started the project before the Israeli offensive against Gaza in December and that the conflict has affected his story.

Israel's three-week offensive against Gaza -- aimed at toppling the democratically-elected government of Hamas in the Palestinian territory -- left nearly 1,300 Palestinians dead, more than half of them civilians.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

United, Chelsea in FA Cup semis

Sat, 07 Mar 2009 21:35:13 GMT     |  PressTV

Carlos Tevez (R) shoots and scores his 2nd goal against Fulham.
Manchester United and Chelsea march into the FA Cup semi-finals raising speculations of a rematch of last season's UEFA Champions League final.

United thrashed Fulham 4-0 at Craven Cottage, moving a step closer to an unprecedented quintuple.

Carlos Tevez scored the opener for The Reds 20 minutes into the game, before curling in a magnificent 25-yard power drive 10 minutes from half-time.

Wayne Rooney found the bottom-left corner for the net five minutes into the second half making it 3-0 to United. Ji-Sung Park's 81st minute shot went exactly where Rooney had sent the ball some 30 minutes earlier.

United manager Sir Alex Ferguson rested Cristiano Ronaldo and Dimitar Berbatov before two crucial clashes one against Inter Milan in the Champions League and another against Liverpool in the Premier League.

Fulham's best goal attempt came early in the game when an Andrew Johnson effort was met with a terrible mistake by Edwin Van der Sar resulting in the ball moving towards the line, where it was bundled off by Nemanja Vidic.

Chelsea's Didier Drogba celebrates his goal.
At Coventry, Didier Drogba put Chelsea ahead in the 15th minute and Alex doubled the lead after a fine counter-attack with 18 minutes from time.

Manager Guus Hiddink praised Drogba describing him as a dangerous striker. "He is working hard and he is good for the team". "He, however, still has to make some small improvements in his game," the manager added.

Hiddink said that his side would keep up the pressure on Manchester United "for as long as they can mathematically catch them."

The Blues and The Reds could meet up at either the semifinal or the final. In other FA Cup matches Everton takes on Middlesbrough on Sunday, while Arsenal and Burnley meet in a fifth-round tie.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Champions League results

Liverpool win 1-0 at Real Madrid

Liverpool’s Xabi Alonso (left) heads the ball overReal Madrid’s Lassana Diarra (right) during a Champions League, Round of 16, first leg football match at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium in Madrid yesterday.

— AP pic

MADRID, Feb 26 ( Malaysianinsider — AP)

— Yossi Benayoun scored with a late header yesterday to give Liverpool a valuable 1-0 away win at Real Madrid in the first leg of their Champions League last 16 knockout match.

In a game of few chances, Benayoun powered Fabio Aurelio's curling free kick past Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas in the 82nd minute to give the English club an all-important away goal.

Casillas denied first-half scoring chances from Liverpool's Fernando Torres and Xabi Alonso, while Arjen Robben created the Spanish champion's best effort with a rising shot that went through the fingertips of goalkeeper Pepe Reina in the 71st but over the crossbar.

Both teams were largely restricted to long-range efforts. Alonso nearly caught Casillas off his line from inside his own half in the 45th but the Madrid goalkeeper backpedalled before tipping the ball over the crossbar.

Nine-time champion Madrid has underperformed in the competition in recent seasons and hasn't reached the quarter-finals since 2004. Nevertheless, president Vicente Boluda had predicted a 3-0 victory.

Madrid, which came into the match on a nine-game league winning streak, started the better of the two sides. Robben found Raul Gonzalez inside the area as early as the fifth minute, but Madrid's all-time leading scorer failed to beat Pepe Reina with his angled effort.

Reina again denied Madrid in the 16th minute, parrying Marcelo's hard drive.

Casillas dove to his right in the 21st to keep Torres' shot out, and the Spain striker appeared to hurt his right ankle soon after.

Robben was Madrid's biggest attacking threat, darting free into the middle in the 39th only to send his shot wide. A minute later, the Netherlands forward duplicated the play with exactly the same result.

Madrid coach Juande Ramos brought on Jose Maria (Guti)Gutierrez for Marcelo to start the second half but Liverpool pushed up with Alonso volleying wide in the 50th. Two minutes later, Robben dribbled through two defenders into the area but hit the ball into the side netting.

Torres didn't manage to snap his scoring drought at the Bernabeu as the former Atletico Madrid striker came off to jeers from the 80,000-plus in the 62nd, replaced by Ryan Babel.

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard came on in the 87th for his first appearance after a three-week layoff due to a hamstring injury.

Liverpool will be without Riera for the return leg after the Spanish midfielder was booked in the 84th.

The second leg will be on March 10 at Anfield.

Chelsea defeated visiting Juventus 1-0 on a 12th minute goal by Didier Drogba, just his fourth of the season and first since Dec 26.

Giuseppe Rossi, a 22-year-old forward born in the United States, converted a tying penalty kick for Villarreal in the 67th minute of a 1-1 draw against visiting Panathinaikos after Robert Pires was fouled by Jakub Wawrzyniak. Giorgos Karagounis had scored on a 25-yard shot in the 59th that tipped off a hand of goalkeeper Diego Lopez and the crossbar before bouncing in.

Bayern Munich won 5-0 at Sporting Lisbon as Franck Ribery and Luca Toni had two goals each and Miroslav Klose scored once.

On Tuesday, defending champion Manchester United tied 0-0 at Inter Milan, Barcelona was held 1-1 at Lyon, Atletico Madrid tied 2-2 with visiting Porto and Arsenal beat visiting AS Roma 1-0. Second legs for those matchups will be March 11.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shoe-hurlers target Israeli official

Mon, 23 Feb 2009 19:06:01 GMT      |    PressTV

A shoe modelled after the ones thrown at the former US president George W. Bush
Pro-Palestinian protesters pelt an Israeli official with their shoes before he starts 'justifying' Israel's invasion of the Gaza Strip. 

On Sunday, Israeli reserves officer Ron Edelheit was about to brief an Amsterdam conference on the situation in Israel and Gaza when three protesters hurled four shoes at him, wrote Turkish daily Cumhuriyet, a Press TV correspondent reported. 

The protesters, two men and one woman, had managed to get in the Apollo Hotel's venue where the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) had arranged a conference. 

The shoes reportedly hit the Israeli official who served as the army spokesman during the recent 23-day Israeli attacks on Gaza. 

The demonstrators claimed the lecture was meant to "justify the massive destruction Israel planted in the Strip," Ynet reported. 

The attackers, whose identities are yet to be disclosed, were immediately arrested and accused of insulting the Israeli official. 

"This was an actual physical assault - past the limits of good taste," said Edelheit. 

"Once they throw a shoe - I'm in good company. Bush got two shoes thrown at him, I got four," he added referring to the Iraqi reporter Muntadhar al- Zaidi who earned worldwide fame for hurling his shoes at the former US president during a press conference in Baghdad. 

About 50 protesters had also gathered in front of the hotel. Another hotel had been chosen to host the event but the location was changed after the officer received death threats.  

Monday, February 9, 2009

Israeli envoy 3rd shoe-hurling target

Sat, 07 Feb 2009 10:52:20 GMT      |     PressTV

Shoe-throwing has turned into a symbol of protest worldwide.
Iraqi protestors holding shoes demand the US forces to 
leave their country.
Israeli ambassador to Sweden was welcomed by a shoe at Stockholm University as angry audience condemned Tel Aviv for attacks on Gaza.

Benny Dagan was giving a speech at a seminar on Israel's elections and the Middle East situation this week when a shoe and books were thrown at him.

The protesters shouted 'murderers' before throwing the objects including books, condemning Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip.

Israel launched a 23-day unilateral war against the Gaza Strip in December, which left almost 1,400 people killed and injured at least 5,450 others.

The envoy was not injured as the shoe only 'brushed' his leg and the books did not hit him, AP reported.

Two suspects were arrested following the incident but they were consequently released.

The Israeli envoy is the third target of shoe-hurling, as the move has turned into a symbol of protest worldwide.

In December, Muntadhar al-Zaidi, the Iraqi journalist threw a pair of shoes at George Bush at a press conference in Baghdad.

The second shoe victim was the Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao when he was making a speech at the Cambridge University on Monday. 

Friday, January 30, 2009




Kau tentu ragui taksiranku tentang sejarah manusia
Yang bermula bukan dengan Zaman Batu Insan Purba
Yang tidak tahu martabat dirinya dan peranannya di dunia
Yang melihat ke belakang penuh kemunduran dan derita.

Kau melihat masakini dengan segala permasalahan
Mengharap masadepan menjanjikan lebih kebaikan
Degan pengalaman silam dan masakini
Serta ilmu perubatan dan teknologi tinggi.

Kau menganggap perjanjian insan di Alam Sana
Tiada kaitannya dengan hidup kita di dunia.

Kau tidak patut meragui pandanganku ini
Jika kau mengakui, walau samar sekali
Akan kedatangan hidup ukhrawi tidak terhalangi
Babak terakhir kehidupan insani
Yang menjejaki segala niat dan amal kita di Sini.

Wajarkah kau menerima Babak kedua dan terakhir?
Babak Pertama di Alam Sana kau rela mungkir?


Kau mungkin berkata sudah lupa Perjanjian Dulu
Yang kau anggap mungkin tidak pernah berlaku?
Apa hubungannya dengan pergolakan di dunia ini
Kekadang difahami, kekadang sukat dimengerti?

Kau bimbang jika berpegang pada Perjanjian Dulu
Yang samara-samar diingat itu, kita tentu terbelenggu
Dengan masa lalu dan gagal melangkah maju
Mencapai kehidupan penuh bermutu
Agar dihormati kawan dan tidak ditindas seteru.

Walau pandanganku pada zaman kita ini
Tidak di fahami dan akan disalah –mengerti
Dulu pegangan ini dimiliki ulama, umara dan awam
Pegangan inilah memicu mereka memimpin zaman
Mengalah semua musuh, luaran maupun dalaman
Mengejar ilmu pengetahuan dari Mekah, Cina dan Yunan.

Tuhan pernah berfirman, dan kebenarannya tidak pernah diragukkan
Gunung dan langit berkecai jika memikul Risalah Tanzilan
Tapi Mustafa yang kerdil jasadnya membukti keunggulan
Memikul Amanah Suci dua puluh tiga tahun penuh cabaran.

Kita harus juga bisa membukti kekuatan
Bukan melihat Tanzil dengan warna kemodenan
Menolak Babak Awal dan Akhir sejarah insane
Yang menafikan martabat kita mengatasi semua kejadian:
Sama ada binatang, malaikat, tumbuhan,haiwan
Atau kehidupan mungkin ditemui di masa depan
Di atas bulan dan bintang-bintang gemerlapan


Kita masih bebas merubah cita dan cara lebih bertaqwa
Mungkin sekarang masih belum wajar berbangga
Perubahan kearah kebaikan inilah disebut pengislahan
Pembangunan sebenar bagi kita masyarakat insan kita.

Jangan sekali-kali pandangan ku di perkudai
Mengekalkan kelemahan dan kejahatan masakini:
Jika terjebak di kancah maksiat dan kezaliman
Kau bebas bertaubat dan menukar haluan
Bagai Umar al-Faruk dan Khalid Pedang Tuhan
Atau Ibrahim Adhan putera bangsawan.

Jika telah bertapak dalam kebaikan akal dan amalan
Kau bebas meningkat ke tahap tinggi mencapai ihsan
Mengekal makam sehingga bertemu tuhan
Seperti Ali dan sebarisan dalam perjuangan:
Atau seperti anak Nuh di dalam hujan dan kelam
Menolak tangan ayahnya memilih jahanam.

Jika kau sedang bertukar amal dan pendapat
Sentiasa berubah antara baik dan jahat
Kau masih berupaya bertekad bulat
Mendalami ilmu, menolak zann dan syakk.
Tetap berdiri, tidak lagi berganjak dalam akhlak.

Maulana Iqbal bermata tajam pernah menyaran
Tinjaulah ke belakang jika ingin maju ke depan.

Tinjauan kita pastinya bukan bermula
Pada titik terjadi makhluk benda dirasai indera lima
Yang masih di batasi ruang waktu di alam deria.

Renungan kita kembali jauh pada bila
Ruang dan waktu belum di kira
Di mana ruh telah mengenali Yang Maha Esa
Dan Tegas mengakui ketuhanan dan ketuanan-Nya
Dan beza darjat dan murtabat antara kita dan semua
Bila Amanah Agung diterima sukarela.

Kita lihat ke depan jauh melintasi hidup ini
Memikirkan nasib diri selepas ruh mengecap mati
Apakah Allah Taala redha menerima kembali diri ini?
Menyambut baik segala niat suci dan amal bakti
Segala salah dan silap akan dimaafi?

Merenung masa depan yang pasti datang
Malikul Maut tidak biasa dihalang atau dilambatkan
Dengan riyadah, pemakanan dan teknologi perubatan
Yang hanya merupakan iktiar tugas insan
Membanyakkan taubat atas silap dan kesalahan
Meningkatkan niat suci menambah amal kebajikan.

Malikul Maut akan tepat tiba saat dikehendaki.
Seperti tercatat di Lauh Terjaga lagi suci.
Merenung masa depan bererti mati sebelum mati
Sentiasa mengira-ngirai diri sebelum dihisabi:
Dengan siapa akan dikumpulkan nanti disana?
Dengan Fraun, Hamman, ibn Ubayy dan sepertinya?
Menyesal berpanjangan, memohon kembali ke Sini
Atau dengan Mustafa, sahabat dan pewarisnya?
Bahagia tidak kehabisan, kekal abadi.

Setiap diri berkuasa atas Panggung Agung ini
Banyak bisa diperbaiki : niat dan amal-bakti
Bermulalah dengan diri sendiri biarpun selalu dipuji
Dan selari, kaum keluarga dan institusi diamanati.
Masa terus berlalu, kubur tidak sabar bertemu
Mulakanlah hari ini : janganlah berlenggah dungu.

Dalam Terang
Prof Dr Wan Mohd Nor Wan Daud

Sunday, January 18, 2009

United on top with last-minute winner

Sat, 17 Jan 2009 18:53:51 GMT
United's Berbatov (R) celebrates scoring against Bolton
Defending champion Manchester United has reached the top of the Premier League with a last-minute winner by striker Dimitar Berbatov.

The game against Bolton Wanderers brings to seven the number of 1-0 league wins United has managed to secure this season.

The sole goal was scored when Carlos Tevez provided a chance to Berbatov, who headed home a vital winner.

United has 47 points from 21 matches, one ahead of Liverpool -- which can reclaim the top spot with a victory over Everton on Monday.

Alex Ferguson's side has now kept 10 consecutive clean sheets in the Premier League, equaling the record held by Chelsea.

At Stamford Bridge, Chelsea defeated Stoke City 2-1 thanks to Frank Lampard's goal four minutes into stoppage time.

Luiz Felipe Scolari's side stayed third, just ahead of Aston Villa which came from a goal down to beat Sunderland 2-1 away despite having striker Ashley Young sent off.

Chelsea has 45 points from 22 matches with Villa on 44.

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