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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Di dalam hati manusia ada kekusutan dan tidak akan terurai kecuali menerima kehendak Allah swt.

Di dalam hati manusia ada keganasan dan tidak akan hilang kecuali berjinak dengan dengan Allah swt

Di dalam hati manusia ada kesedihan dan tidak akan hilang kecuali seronok mengenali Allah swt

Di dalam hati manusia ada kegelisahan dan tidak akan tenang damai kecuali berlindung, bertemu dan berjumpa denganNya

Di dalam hati manusia ada penyesalan dan tidak akan padam kecuali redha dengan suruhan dan laranganNya serta qadha dan qadarNya serta kesenantiasaan sabar sehingga menemuiNya

Di dalam hati manusia ada hajat dan tidak akan terbendung kecuali kecintaan kepadaNya dan bermohon kepadaNya.

Kesentiasaan berzikir kepadaNya adalah keikhlasan sebenar kepadaNya. . . . . . Andai dunia dan isinya diberikan kepada manusia masih tidak lagi dapat membendunghajat hati sihamba itu.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

“Prayers to fulfill Desires”.

There was only about a week, between Hari Raya and the PMR. So many put off or place on hold, by taking a break, their 6 days of Shawal fasting. Something has to be slotted in that period – “Prayers to fulfill Desires" - as well wishers, for extremely good results’ for kids taking their PMR and SPM, from parents, close relatives, friends and neighbours. Should I call – that a change is probably needed! A paradigm shift!

Me included, I was in KK doing the “same thing” for both my son sitting for SPM and PMR this year. After Fajr prayers – 1 bull and 1 Cow was slaughtered as aqiqah, and there was a special group handling them, turning into food. Then a PIBG meeting was held in the main School Hall, hailed as the Hargreaves Hall. After solat Asar a khatam Qur’an was done. Before Magrib, the Aqiqah food was served . After Magrib, Solat Hajat was done and Yassin was read, that reaches right to Insya’- After Insya’ supper was served. They had been doing this for the last5 years or so. I was told that lunch was served too, but I missed it for I went to prep school to see my form 1 son. As for me, the prayers were more for general wellbeing, albeit “Islamically”, of the students – which if necessary includes good results ( see Yusuf Ali’s poem below).

50 years after Merdeka. The people are saying that the “religious-Islamic” schools are being secularized and the secular schools are “Islamised”. Anybody not at home with that! Will it be for the better? InsyaAllah. One day, we may have Maahad Melayu Kuala Kangsar, among other things teaching science and IB. Will Hindraf ask for seats for their kids then, if its name is such?

Mum not worry about Mus’ab, here he is into food here, he is very skinny. He is the on the far right, in yellow. YB Sassy Teresa Kok should try the boarding school food and compare it to the one she got, in the police cell while under ISA, that may give her some sense. He is the PMR candidate in the family this year.

His Mum is worried, he is too much into Rugby. He already got College Colours for Rugby. He is second from the right, when he was in action in Bangkok , during the second semester of the school days. According to his coach he did manage to “touch down” on that day, initially awarded by the referee but later, he reversed his decision after concurring with the touch judge. Malay College did well this year, reaching the semi-final in the Perak League 2008. I do not remember about their match with UPSI, I heard that they beat UiTM Perak in the process. Muhammad will sit for his SPM this year.

Mufaddal is into everything as of now, In this photo, in choral singing. He joined the Wind Orchestra, Rugby and now seeking his mum permission to join the Silat Club. No wonder he losing weight very fast. He is in the first row, third from right. Eventually he will settle for less, we hope.

The description of the mother of all prayers:

First comes that beautiful Sura,
The opening Chapter of seven verses,
Rightly called the Essence of the Book,
It teaches us the perfect Prayers,
For if we can pray aright, it means
That we have some knowledge of God
And His attributes, of His relations
To us and His creations, which includes
Ourselves; that we glimpse the source
From which we came, and that final goal
Which is our spiritual destiny
Under God’s true judgment : then
We offer ourselves to God and seek His light.

A. Yusuf Ali – C.42 on al-Fatiha

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