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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bashir animator makes film on Gaza

Sat, 07 Mar 2009 14:02:03 GMT | PressTV

A frame from Goodman's 'Closed Zone'
One of the creators of the Oscar-nominated animation Waltz with Bashir has released a short film about the recent Israeli war on Gaza.

Yoni Goodman's 90-second Closed Zone shows a Palestinian boy trying to chase a blue bird, but large hands block his way.

The film highlights Israel's tight blockade on Gaza, which has deprived dozens of Palestinians of medical and food supplies from the past 19 months.

"I'm very much against the Israeli blockade policy, and the last war was just a mistake," Goodman told The Jerusalem Post.

"People talk about Hamas, but there are many civilians there who are not Hamas supporters but who are suffering from this blockade," he said.

The blockade is a major issue in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, and the UN and international aid groups say crossing points into Gaza must be opened to allow in much-needed living supplies.

The film has been launched online and Goodman hopes it can help people “see that there are people in Israel who are against war, who want peace," AP quoted him as saying.

Goodman says he started the project before the Israeli offensive against Gaza in December and that the conflict has affected his story.

Israel's three-week offensive against Gaza -- aimed at toppling the democratically-elected government of Hamas in the Palestinian territory -- left nearly 1,300 Palestinians dead, more than half of them civilians.

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