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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Dishing Out State’s money.

It was a happy day for the mums in Machang.. A day before Christmas Eve, 23 December 2006. Haji Jazlan a local acting leader, representing the Federal Government handed out some money to the poor kids going to school next year. Close to RM70,000.00 were handed over to the less fortunate under the scheme KWAPM , kumpulan wang amanah pelajar miskin, literally translated means -The Trust Fund For Poor Students.
The participants

Typically, the lowest stage, stage one in primary year one to three gets some RM150.00. That will be enough for exercise books and annual school charges. I refrained from using the term fees here, for education at this level in Malaysia is supposed to be free. The event was organized at Machang town level with parents from local primary schools in this town were invited to attend. The Headmistress from the local Chinese Primary School, Pei Wah was also present.

The participants leaving for a light meal

The interesting observation I found here is that on occasions like this, it is the ladies who flocked the schools. There were always more mothers than fathers present at school public days for primary school in this town including prize giving and sports. For the school that my children go to, I was told that the number of boys to girls ration is about fifty-fifty. I have to make more observation whether this phenomenon of women participation is limited to my town or ubiquitous through out the state of Kelantan.

Collecting handouts after the speech
The VIPS place for makan (meal)

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